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Memoires Contact Note

1.06 usd

The app fetches incoming and outgoing phone calls and SMSs and allows to note and share information about a call or message including contact name. The app is configurable to note a phone call right with a call or after a call is finished. It is configurable to provide notification either in notification bar or as popup. The app can be used as standalone to share notes to any app that accept text sharing. However, it is much more productive to use the app as a plugin for free "Memoires: The Diary" to fetch and keep phone call and SMS notes.
The app also provides "Memoires: The Diary" with access to device Contacts, allowing "Memoires: The Diary" to attach notes to contacts or contacts to a note.
It extends Contact badge with button to create a note and access contacts' notes stored in "Memoires: The Diary".